Pensions / NHS / SIPP


What are your options for a pension?


Pensions might feel like a far off concern, or something to worry about in the future, but the sooner you plan, the better. Many of you will have NHS pensions but do you understand what you will be entitled to when you retire and at what age? Will you have enough money to maintain your lifestyle?



Why you should think a private pension now


Regular pension reviews give you the opportunity to get to grips with your future finances.  For those of you who want to have a pension fund should you retire early, or have little in the way of NHS contributions, it will be worth looking at setting up a private personal pension. If you are set up as limited company or own a practice there are additional tax saving advantages to having a personal pension.



How does it work?


As well as NHS pension reviews, THINQVISER will recommend private personal pension schemes and SIPPS based on your current position and future plans. This will provide alignment with what you are hoping to achieve.