What kind of mortgage can you get?


There are lots of different options, so the best one depends on your individual circumstances.


Fixed rate mortgage – a good option for almost everyone. The interest rate is fixed, so you know exactly how much you have to pay every month.


Offset mortgage – perfect if you are self-employed. You put savings into your offset account which has the net effect of reducing your mortgage while you still have access to your savings when you need it.


Buy-to-let mortgage – if you fancy investing in property this is a great option. The rates are slightly different from residential mortgages and terms and conditions apply.



Why use THINQVISER to find your mortgage?


We are renowned for sourcing the best mortgages for our clients. If you are self-employed with less than 2 years trading accounts, you can still get a mortgage! We have exclusive access to mortgage providers that will lend to you. Or, if you are coming to the end of your current fixed rate deal, we can help you remortgage with at competitive rates.



How does it work?


THINQVISER knows the mortgage process inside out. We will source deals from the whole of the market and lay out the best options for you and your individual circumstances. We will be with you every step of the way, right from your initial thoughts through to getting the keys in your hands.