Income Protection


What happens if you can’t work?


When you are self-employed or employed this can be a scary thought. Your income is dependent on you working, if you become ill or have an accident, will you get any sick pay? If so, you would be surprised how quickly it will run out. An income protection plan pays a monthly sum (tax free!) until you return to work. Even if your accident or illness stops you working permanently, the plan will pay out every month until your chosen retirement age.



Why do you need income protection?


It is all about peace of mind. If you are unable to work or earn an income, you might not be able to maintain your lifestyle – or even struggle to pay bills at the end of the month. If you are a self-employed dentist or medical professional, chances are you don’t have guaranteed sick pay, and even if you are employed, your sick pay will have a limited timeframe. This makes income protection essential for the type of job you do. It will allow you to meet your financial commitments and protect your future earnings too.



How does income protection work?


There are many options when it comes to income protection. We will help you choose the right contract depending on your occupation and personal circumstances. If you are employed by the NHS, we have plans that will work alongside your current sick pay entitlement as your benefit increases the longer you work there. If you are self-employed, we personalise your cover based on your income.