Financial Planning


What is financial planning?


Everyone has a different attitude towards money. From one extreme of not caring, to the other of living in fear: somewhere in the middle is where you want to be. The key is finding a balance to help you enjoy your desired lifestyle – without compromising on your security for the future.



Why should you plan for the future?


The future can be uncertain, so it is always good to save for a rainy day. When you think about it, your parents mostly took care of your financial welfare when you were growing up. But, now that you are working for yourself, it is important to consider your financial security – especially if you are self-employed. You want to balance your income against student loans, mortgages, car finance and credit cards – and potentially put some money away for your pension and savings.



How does it work?


The first step is establishing your goals. Once we know what you want to achieve in life, THINQVISER can help you get there. So, whether it is saving for a mortgage, investing or saving your money – or even planning for retirement – we start by assessing your current situation such as your income and what your priorities are, so we can help you plan accordingly. We believe in an optimistic approach so you are prepared – even when life throws you a curve ball.