Business Finance


What is business finance?


Business Finance comes to the fore when you want to buy or set up a practice. There are two main elements to commercial finance when it comes to practice purchase, goodwill and property. Each of these can be financed but the terms being offered will differ for each.



Why would you need business finance?


Whatever your plans, if you’d like to become a partner or own a practice, you are going to need funding. Whether you plan to put savings or investments towards the cost you are most likely in need of a commercial loan to meet the costs of purchasing and setting up your business. 



How does it work?


THINQVISER will work with you, help you with your business plan while taking into account your personal circumstances. We will help you build a proposal that you can take to the commercial lending department of a bank. Through every step of the process, we will be there offering you advice and helping you to achieve your goals.